30 day blogging challenge


I did it! I blogged every single day in November. Some posts are better than others, some posts I like more than others, but… I did it.

This challenge helped me in more ways than one and definitely in ways I couldn't have predicted when I decided to do it. November was a tough month for me; frequently I felt the ground beneath me being swept away as I just stood there, falling through it to nowhere. And then I would sit down to blog and life would go back to a relative normality and order. It was just what I needed!

From a blogging point of view, this challenge proved to me that I can do this and, much more importantly, that I really want to do this. I love blogging! I love how it makes me focus, photograph, write, gain perspective. It really is my thing and now I know it!

It was great to have a companion on this journey; Nicky blogged throughout November has well. He wrote a fantastic post on what he thought of the challenge and how he sees blogging now. I really relate to his views of blogging as a journal and accepting not being widely-read, or as he puts it, an exclusive blog! I particularly enjoyed the fact that he never seemed to use shortcuts, unlike yours truly; his posts always had a decent piece of writing in them, much to my delight.

Together with A Year of Mornings, the 30 day blogging challenge is also pushing me to take on a 365 photo project. Whether I do it or not remains to be decided, but the seed is most definitely there!


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