on blogging everyday: week 1


I've been blogging everyday for the past week and… I'm enjoying it! 

I'm keeping it simple, very simple. I write about what comes to my mind at the time I sit down to write and that's it. I haven't thought of fancy features, or spectacular content other than a small collection of my thoughts and photos. And this is what's making it work for me. 

I can write about nothing, that's my thing. I photograph stuff, which goes brilliantly with said nothing, so we're sorted here. And now is the time I come to terms with it.

See, I would love to keep a blog that was focused and structured and filled with useful – and visually beautiful, of course! – content. But turns out, that's not me nor how I approach this blog – clear difference between what one wants and does. In reality, I keep a blog that is as broad as my interests, as random as a real person, with (hopefully!) well written and original content that is mostly useless; and let's not forget the (also hopefully!) visually beautiful.

As I have been blogging every day, the only way for me to do it is to keep it as simple as possible and certainly not overthink it at all! When I sit down to blog, I do just that – blog. I write what comes to mind and then I find a suitable image from the day or (less common) from the archives. Sometimes, I have the image and then the text comes. Whichever way it happens, the point is it happens; there's been (so far!) no writer's block. That's been the absolute best lesson from this week – just do it, don't think about it!


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