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I love Flickr! For years and years and years, I checked it daily and absorbed inspiration and beauty and creativity. It was amazing!

And then instagram came on the scene, real life claimed its time, Flickr changed its layout about 324 times (typically for the worst every.single.time!), and my account became lonely. A bit boo of me to leave a long time friend to fend for itself, really, but hey, things happen!

The interesting thing about Flickr though, is that it hasn't lost any of its magic to me. I still feel inspired and amazed whenever I do go there and I always think I should go back to it more often, I should upload more photos, I should comment more and bathe in all its awesomeness and inspirational salts.

I'm seriously considering dropping the should and actually just do it! See you on the other side 🙂


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