::inspiring Mondays::

Inspiring Mondays were one of my favourite features. They inspired me to write and photograph regularly (see a trend here?) and appreciate my life by taking notice of it. Often, they were the bright yellow sunshine of my weeks and kept me going when the road was bumpy.
And then they started to feel like a chore, more than a pleasure. There’s no point in having a hobby that drags you down (or much else in life that drags you down, really!) so I stopped writing them and normal life resumed. We were happy… very happy… for a while.
It would seem November – and the daily blogging challenge – is the perfect time to be inspired on a Monday. On one of the dullest months to me, I wish to commit to seeing the beauty in the everyday and making a note of it on Mondays. A challenge within a challenge… sounds clever (or very silly)!
:: no man is an island. I love this saying. no Joey is an island… yep, love it!
:: such a wonderfully mild early Autumn we’re having in Oxford.
:: knitting. knowing how to. and how it paces me.
:: writing. such freedom and peace that comes from writing.
:: blogging. I love it!
The sun was out for a bit today; it was a good Monday. I hope you've had a great start to the week, wherever you are.

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  1. 4 November 2014 / 23:22

    Great to see the return of Inspiring Mondays, if only for one week…

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