the start of November

Today is the first day of my 30 day blogging challenge. To me, blogging is more than the writing, and more than the photography; to me, blogging is about the perfect blend of the two, a wonderful curation of words and images that come together to tell a story, my story. 
November is an important month for me. I didn’t know this when I decided to blog everyday this month; in fact, it was precisely because November was appearing to bring a bag of dull days that I thought it would be great to embark on this creative adventure. Turns out, November will be a month of choices…  hopefully not of change. 
There were things I was hoping to achieve by blogging everyday; I wanted to push myself creatively, write and photograph more, edit efficiently, and have fun. As my life was shaken off its track this past month, I’m hoping to let myself be.

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