Oxford Half Marathon

The Oxford Half Marathon was a very different race to Lisbon’s. In many ways, it was easier but it was also a bit less happy. Ultimately, it taught me two things: I can definitely do this and my body can get used to it to the point of not really aching the following day, or the day after that, at all. Go me!
Sunday 12 October was a grey day in Oxford, grey but dry and that goes a long way. Nick and I started together, but I ran it solo as he aimed for a PB. It was alright. I focused on running because that’s what I do but at one point that became automatic and I felt my mind drift to all those things I always keep at bay when running – oh hello deep meaningful thoughts – certainly made for a fun surprise!
I had a brilliant (and very loud) support crowd at strategic locations, cheering me on and feeding me sugar. I had hugs at the end and a fabulous home cooked mega lunch. I had a bath and a foot massage. I had no aches and pains. I loved it!

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