30 day blogging challenge


I've been humming and hawing about doing a 30-day blogging challenge. I've confered with my running and blogging buddy and he says I'm mad!

The context is this: I have a full time job, I'll be training for a sub-hour 10k (that's seven minutes to shave off my current time!) after the Oxford half-marathon in mid-October, I have lots of sewing to do, a business to launch, photographs to take, a life to live, and a boyfriend. 

But… The question chases me. Can I write for 30 days straight? The answer is yes, actually, I know I can (part of my job is writing, so writing on demand is easy!). The true question is – can I blog for 30 days straight? To me, this means writing and editing and photographing and, finally, publish. 

And the more I think about it, the more I really want to do it. It sounds like a lot of work and a lot bit challenging, but achievable; my absolute favourite! I reckon that with a bit of planning, I can do it and push my blogging further; I will be more creative, write more, photograph better, edit efficiently, and have fun! Famous last words.

That's it then – I'm doing it. Watch this space for details.


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