training for a half marathon – week 9


I thought a lot about writing this post… or how I'd write it, to be more precise. Today was my worst run ever of the training for the half-marathon and I had to figure out how to say that and what to say about it. Done.

On one hand, I want to focus on the positives and how good it's been so far; on the other, I think it's important to acknowledge when things go wrong and share that too. Some days, and sadly today was one of those days, running goes wrong. Fortunately, that's all it means and nothing more; yes, I can still do this; yes, I still love running.

I know for a fact that I can run a half marathon with much worse training behind me, so I'm confident next week will be even better than last time, as will Oxford's half the week after. However, on this Sunday night, a bit of me wonders how it will be, now that the last long run didn't really happen – I ran 12km only. No bit of me wonders if I'll finish – I will – but a bit of me wishes things had been different today so I could just run on the day, with no little gremlins weighing me down. There's nothing I can do about it though, other than deal with it. And enjoy the day! So let's go!

Weeks: 9 done (1 to go… eek!)
Mood: I really want to do this now! Let's roll, Lisbon!


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  1. 29 September 2014 / 22:41

    Thinking of you and above all, believing in you and your running potential! Go go go, dear lady! x

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