Tales of the summer


This summer was great! The weather was awesome, I did a bunch of cool things, I had some good-quality family time in Portugal, our business is moving, and life was overall lovely. Now that summer is here, it's nice to look back on what the summer brought!


Shakespeare outdoors. This one had been on my Britishness bucket list for ages, until my friend Rachel had a look at it and thought enough was enough. She took us to see Macbeth by Creation Theatre, in the grounds of St Margaret's College. I loved it. The production was great and he actors were excellent. I also really enjoyed sipping a glass of wine, outdoors, with a blankie whilst enjoying a fine play. Britain wins again!

Costwolds Water Park. We spent a day doing random water activities like zorbing at this really nice park. We had a lovely walk and a competitive padlow session. The weather was funny, but then again, so were we.

Proms in the Park. This was absolutely amazing! Britishiness decended upon me and there was, G&T in one hand singing along to Mary Poppins and other wonderful songs. Nothing had quite prepared for this experience and all I can think about now is – let's go next year!

Mundane but oh so good


BBQs. The weather this summer was absolutely spectacular and that could only mean one thing – BBQ. Large ones with lots of friends or small ones, just us. BBQ was clearly the thing to do and it's been one of my favourite things of the summer.


Drinks in the garden. Coming home after work to a sunlit garden is lovely. And getting to enjoy a drink outside as the evening sets in is even more lovely!


A blooming garden. Our garden needs lots of work; we've already done a fair bit, but there's still loads to do. The one thing that makes it all worth it is seeing what's already there blosom into life and beauty! 

Chillin' in the park after work. Gotta love good weather and the freedom it allows. Like laying on the grass watching time go by. With or without wine.


This summer was indeed absolutely terrific and a tough act to follow. We're counting on you, Autumn, to make us miss not the summer just gone. 



  1. 25 September 2014 / 15:16

    Este verão foi de facto magnífico, até que atrevo a dizer que foi o melhor desde que cá estamos! Fizémos algumas coisas parecidas com o que vocês fizeram… os churrascos e bebidas no jardim foram um must este verão! E este Outono também está muito bom 🙂

  2. 29 September 2014 / 22:38

    It WILL be a good one, Joey, that’s for sure! x

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