random Friday


I was woken up at 5am by a dying fire alarm battery. It took me a few minutes to work out what was going on – you’re kinda slow when you're awoken from deep sleep at stupid o’clock, I guess! I resisted getting up for as long as I could, thinking the thing would beep a couple of times as a warning and then go silent for an hour at least! But no! With each beep, every.single.minute!, I could hear it say get up and fix me, woman! So I did, because basically there was no hope in hell I’d be able to sleep through the beeping (which I believe is the point anyway!).

With that start to the day’s proceedings, I admit I wasn’t expecting much of this Friday, but things got better, much better!

enjoying a slow breakfast watching the news. I love watching the news in the morning, it’s home.
stepping into the garden and absorbing the morning's fresh air with a scent of roses.
meeting a sweet knitter friend at work, purely by chance; and she gave me back the skein she so kindly unraveled and un-fuzzed for me! 
having lunch with lovely friends from my old job at the always yummy Jacobs & Fields.
going to the pub after work for cider and nothingness chats; always a good end to a long (or short!) week.


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