training for a half marathon – week 6


There's now four – only four!! – weeks to go to the Lisbon half-marathon (and five to the Oxford one). This means there's less to go than what we've trained and at this point I think we should know if we can do it. And we do. Or we think we do!

Training is getting easier, even when beer festivals get in the way and shorter days make for gloomier starts. My legs ache more for longer, but (so far) nothing than a hot bath and a few slow walks can't cure. I've also had a trigger point massage this week with the brilliant Josie and will have a couple more before the big day! And one just before the second half marathon because I'll need deserve it!

As I used all my annoying moaning points for last week's run, this Sunday I had to suck it up and run in (relative) silence. It's amazing how much energy you can save that way!!


Weeks: 6 done (4 to go); over halfway, my favourite!
Mood: I've done 16K and Women's Running tells me this means I can do a half-marathon, therefore I can! Yupiiii!


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