training for a half marathon – week 5


Some days it’s easy and some days it’s hard. This is running for me! And life, by the way, but let’s stick to the point. The good thing is that, no mater how easy or hard each run is, the post-running feeling is always awesome!

So, what was this week like, running-wise? The first run of the week was nice and I did a good time; Michael came along for the first bit, which made for good company and a bit of variety to my morning jog routine. The second run was a real struggle; really, only 12 mins yet? And then came Sunday. I felt amazing and was all pumped up to get those kms under my shoes… then Headington Hill happened. 

Oh my, why me? Just get me out of here straight into a cold bath because I’m so hot now I can’t think of anything else! And then make it hot because I truly hate cold baths.

I can only hope that wall of a hill that is Headington Hill makes for better preparation than it makes for an easy run for the Joey. My pace dropped dramatically afterwards and I just couldn’t get it back; to compensate, my moaning went up drastically, at least on the rare occasions I had enough energy to speak. Not all was lost, hey?!

All of that said and… I’m really excited about this half-marathon training adventure. So excited, in fact, that Nick and I signed up for the Oxford Half Marathon, which is the week after the Lisbon one we’re training for. Hahahahaha… surely it’s a joke, but maybe it’s real because I have an email confirming I’m in and I’ve told my friends, so… 

Weeks: 5 done (5 to go); halfway, YAY!
Mood: excited (and even more anti-hills at the moment!)


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