hidden posts – overcoming the wait


I hate waiting. I assume most people hate waiting, so I don't really separate myself from the majority on this, but… waiting gets to me!

It can be a fantastic quality to dislike waiting so profoundly – I get things done, I get things moving, I seek solutions and solve problems. And that's all pretty cool. However, there's a darker side to this… and it's the side that comes when nothing can be done about it. You know, the just sit there and wait, little miss type of wait. 

One of the big advantages of growing up is learning how to deal with these things I don't like but can't do anything about. It's a bit like growing patience, all it needs is watering and sunshine!

The first I do is get some fresh air. It's amazing what fresh air does for one's spirits. Blue skies help immensely, but simple outdoors in any weather will do. I love it!

Then I busy myself. Get jobs done. Do things. Socialise. All sorts of things that keep me engaged and don't free me to think about what I can't change.

And finally, I photograph. Invariably with photography, I'm going for something that pleases the eye and, go figure!, my mood improves dramatically when I find it.


This hidden post has been in my drafts since early May. It started as a post about my wait for Michael's visa, when he was in Brazil sorting it. I never got into an explanation of that in the post; writing about it then was too difficult and when the visa was issued, I was too happy to focus on that.


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