training for a half marathon – week 0


I've been running pretty much as per my programme (here) for the past three weeks. Whilst this is due to the fact I miscounted the weeks the first time I looked at it and the programme is only ten weeks (and not the 12 I seemed to remember), this has proved a very, very good thing! Why? Well, because I hadn't run in awhile and these three weeks have been excellent to actually catch up with the programme. So… If you're wanting to follow this programme too, make note that it assumes you're a regular runner by week one.

A major advantage of this pre-programme catch-up as been to establish a routine that works for me before the actual training is in full pelt. This just means no time is wasted during the next precious ten weeks to figure out how I can fit this programme into my life whilst still having a life!

My weekday runs are done twice a week in the morning. Since changing jobs in June, I'm lucky enough to be able to do these runs in the morning before work. This makes a world of difference to me, as I much prefer it this way! My main struggle with running during the week was that by the time I was done with work, I'd lost all the will to go out in any weather, I'd be hungry or tired or lazy; I'm also not particularly keen on running an obstacle course amidst rush hour traffic and people. In the morning, the pavements are quiet and my day is a happy promise ahead! Let the joggers out!

My long weekend run is done on either Saturday or Sunday, with my loyal running companion Nicky! I've mentioned several times how I wouldn't have achieved my running goals without him and this time should be no different. We set a day and leave at 8am. He plans the route and for the first 20 minutes we catch up on our week; for the remainder of the run I'm less communicative (unless you include groans and muted swearing as a form of dialogue!).

Sometimes, we have breakfast together after our run and chill for a bit, over juice and freshly made bread. I like long run days!

Weeks: 0 done, 10 to go.

Mood: VERY excited (almost worryingly so!) 


I bought new running shoes on week 0 minus 2 and love the extra support they provide, which my previous shoes could no longer give me (too much use, obviously!). We will get to know each other during training and be ready together on race day.



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