a love affair with running

I started running four years ago and I love it!

What do I love about running? I can come up with a long list of potential reasons, but I’m not sure any of it is the reason. Nor all of them together, even. My love of running is a bit bigger than an explanation, and definitely bigger than all those times I don’t feel like going out running but do it anyway because it’s the best thing I could be doing for myself at that moment. Much like any relationship, really, when the very person you’re annoyed at is the only person that knows how to fix all your annoyances!

Four years ago, I couldn’t remember the last time I had run. I couldn’t do it and because of that, I didn’t want to do it. And then a good friend of mine (ta mucho, Julie!) introduced me to an 8-week running programme for beginners and ran with me on my first time. And so to cut a long story short, I’ve been hooked ever since. At the time, it was the fresh air, the freedom of doing it on my terms, and the sense of achievement – oh blimey, I can do this and it feels amazing! The love, that thing you can’t explain, came later.

I haven’t run consistently over the last four years. There were busy times and winter colds (and summer ones), and a stress fracture on one foot, and lack of motivation, and this and that and the other. However, I can confidently say that a few 10Ks and one half-marathon later, I’m in it for the long run (gotta love a pun!). So much so that I’m training for my second half-marathon in Lisbon, this October.

One of the coolest things of having a blog AND running is that you can share your journey and document your own progress beyond the sheets of your programme. My 10-week programme – this one – starts on Monday and I plan to do a weekly post on how I’m getting on, ups and downs, challenges and motivation, until the big day – Sunday 5 October!

I already wrote about what got me through my first half-marathon here [LINK], but I’m hoping this new (and short) series becomes more of an real-time solution rather than a reflection on a past event. I hope you follow along and share your tips and enthusiasm too!

Let the countdown begin!


This new series on my training progress for the Lisbon half-marathon was heavily inspired by the wonderful ladies at Fe-line during #felinehour, a Twitter event that happens every Tuesday 8-9pm. Join us there, if you can!

Blogging from the bus to Oxford. This is so cool that almost makes me forget he delayed flight!




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