hidden posts – the story of my drafts

I'm at the airport waiting for my flight home – prime time for writing and blogging, in my book!

I like to get here early, beat the rush hour traffic and not stress about queues or bags or security. Whilst I lead a pretty stress free airport experience, that does mean waiting for a fair bit; today I have 1h30m all going to plan with flight.

Gatwick offers you 45 minutes of free wifi, which I normally use to browse Instagram and read blogs, after I've written something I'm happy with. More often than not, I don't blog at the airport. Today, I thought I could use the free wifi to check a specific post I had started on running. I wanted to pick up where I'd left it and this seemed like a good plan. And that's when I found them all… my drafts.

I have 14 drafted posts that haven't seen the light of day. 14! I thought "this can't be, just can't!". So I checked them all, one by one. Two are just the title (including the running one, funny how I thought it was half written!). That leaves 12 others. Three are on the same topic of blogging and finding your voice, from different angles, clearly in complete ignorance of each other – makes it pretty special that I have written them all – but reaching the same conclusion. And then there are nine (my maths never fails me, lucky me!). Two more on footbal and we're down to seven, my favourite number.

Some are alright, some are good, and one really stayed with me and took me back to the moment it happened. It's a raw post, different to what I normally post here. It's kinda sad too, but it warmed me up to read it now. When I finished reading it, I decided I would publish seven of those drafts, with little to no editing, throughout August. It felt good to decide that!

If I were to draw a conclusion from my writing and blogging based on my drafts, it would have to be from this last post, and not the three I already wrote on the topic. Why do I blog? To write and photograph. To tell my story, happy or otherwise. I'm cheering for happy though!




  1. 24 July 2014 / 12:20

    Wow – 14 posts! I am struggling to do just one. Look forward to your month of blogging in August…

  2. 24 July 2014 / 16:43

    Wow, 14 drafts! Boas férias… acabei de regressar das minhas e já tenho saudades! Aproveita muito Joana!

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