Chillin’ in the park

Chilling in South Park


I had planned to write this evening. Write and write and write. Then go to a circuits class. The weather had other plans for me though!

When it’s sunny you make the most of it. That’s a mantra in the UK! So… After work I came to the park and chilled.

It’s nice here. The wind is blowing gently and I can hear the trees humming to its beat. It’s also quite peaceful this evening. I’m laying on the grass absorbing The quietness and can’t remember when was the last time I did this. It doesn’t matter, really. At all. What matters is that I’m here now. And that I made this time to be still.

Making time to be still is so important to me, that it’s a little bit silly how I keep forgetting it. As I lay here enjoying my own silent company, I pledge to remember. Be still, Joey!




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