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I’ve been at my new job for two weeks. Two amazing, yet long, weeks. I’m getting there in terms of my morning routine (mainly by enjoying the lie in! the plan is to include some pre-work running…eventually !) and I’m getting there in terms of figuring out my commute; I can cycle or walk. As my previous commute involved a long-ish (and beautiful) cycle, I’ve been mainly cycling. I feel I’ve become addicted to this and need to be on my bike before the rush of the day.

That said, I used to love walking just as much and walking gives me the chance to catch up on my favourite podcasts and take photos of my (little) journey to work. So… I’m pledging to walk to work one day a week – me, my camera and my iPod. 

A pledge is much stronger if one tests the waters beforehand… I have walked one day this week and these are the resulting images. I do not go through people's gardens, I'm just lucky that my route is dotted with green and flowers and trees. Whilst I’ve never seen myself as a plant person, that is clearly changing; I was completely drawn to the botanical universe that lines this walk to work and found myself losing track of time (not great in the morning!) and smiling away in pure bliss.

I’m now wondering if I'll insert themes into these weekly outings, or if I should just go with the flow and let my eyes run free on the path. Or if I’ll mix it up and do both. I am also wondering if I should change my route every now and again or stick to this one (most adorable and shortest). Oh the possibilities are plenty!


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