photographing away


Finally, finally, finally! I am slowly, very slowly, getting in the groove of photographing more. I started by doing all the things listed here and that proved useful… but just a start, really!

In spite of the beautifully long days, I’m finding it hard to photograph everyday. I’m only now finding my feet with a new work routine and that takes time; and I think it’s important for both my new job, my photography and my sanity that I recognise that and take things at the pace they let me.

That said, nothing better than a photographic date to get bonding with the camera! Nick, Paul and I met on a sunny afternoon for some street and studio photography. Street photography has been a long aspiration of mine, so it was pretty sad for me to realise none of my photos of the afternoon really made the cut! The thing I was way less interested in – studio photography – of course gave me cooler results.

Paul has some pretty cool gear (in addition to being an amazing photographer) and it was great to try it all. I know a lot of what we get/don’t get in photography is down to our own eye; I know that and I agree with that! It’s not the oven, it’s the chef kinda thing. But… but… but… a 24-70mm f1.8 lens does help! Immensely! And I know because I tried it and what you gain in image clarity can really make your photo that much better. I shall refrain from using equipment (or lack of) as an excuse for anything, but it was quite interesting to see how the gear make a difference!

The best thing about an afternoon in which I pretty much took one photo I liked? I’m taking my camera for a stroll tomorrow 😉


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