preparing for visitors


It's the end of May and after a few lovely weekends, Oxford is now under (a lot of) rain. Just in time for my parents' visit, of course!

I'm getting the house (and myself) ready for their mighty visit. There are flowers and chocolates on the pillow and a real desire to spend some time them. There is a rough plan of things we can do, mostly spoilt by the weather (punting? I think not!), and a lot of chatting and foodie slots in some of my favourite places in Oxford!

The garden is getting there. We finally gave in (or up on ourselves and all the friends whom we've been pestering for endless help) and hired some help. This one chap did more in half a day than Michael and I can achieve in a full weekend… together… with help! This is why professionals are the way to go; because they know what they're doing! We now have a clean canvas to work with and can start by planting some grass, oh yeah! It's the little things in life, really!

My two weeks off are flying by and I've achieved about two thirds of my mega plans! Talking about over-planning optimism! I did finish a new pouf for our TV room/Michael's study and I may just be in love with it. It's big and comfy and looks great with my feet on it! Photos to come.

And… in less than a week I'll start a new job. Butterflies-in-belly excited about that!



  1. 27 May 2014 / 22:13

    This feeling called happiness …
    Much love and enjoy the quality-time with your beloved family to the fullest!

  2. 28 May 2014 / 17:57

    é tão bom ter visitas! Gosto tanto… aproveita bem a estadia dos teus pais, com chuva ou sem ela são os teus pais, que bom (e parece que o tempo melhora no fim-de-semana!)

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