on photography… again

Flowering garden

Last September I wrote about wanting to reconnect with my camera, which really is jargon for I want to be inspired to take more photos (and preferably good ones that reflect how I am seeing the world). 

Looking back, I haven't really done that. I have taken photos I love and photos I like and photos that made me think uhu?! really?!, but I haven't felt that sea of inspiration I was hoping aiming for. Thinking about it, there are a few reasons for this…

1. Light! I am a lover of natural light and winter in the UK really challenges me on this. I will need to address this next winter.

2. Less is… well, less! Due to lack of natural light during the week (I do have a full time job :)), I end up leaving photography to the weekends only. It doesn't work that way, or not for me anyway. My best photographic time was when I was walking for an hour a day to get to work and used this time to photograph little joys of my route. Always the same route, always different photos. 

3. My voice. This endless search for my voice is beginning to annoy me loads slightly. I tend to go with the flow and get things done and just go for it, but every so often I analyse it. Why? Because it feels one can grow through self reflection, which is true – if one doesn't stop doing what one likes due to said reflection. More on this in a separate post (with less one, promise).

So how do I overcome what appears to be a photographic rut due to lack of practice? Well, I practice! It's kinda obvious that practice is what's missing at the moment, but I need more than the obvious to get going; I need the steps that compose this practice I keep mentioning… as follows:

1. Light! I can now make the most of the spectacular amount of light hours bathing the UK during spring and summer. We are as lucky in these seasons as we are less fortunate in winter; make use of that magic!

2. More. Photograph every day, the same thing, different things, everything and anything. Document, observe, capture. Enjoy!

3. My voice. Believe and embrace the fact that I already have a voice. Just be. That's my voice! It has always been my voice and this apparent incessant search for a voice is… well, kinda silly. Get over it, Joey!

I love simple solutions! Almost as much as I love ice cream 🙂



  1. 9 May 2014 / 21:46

    This is such a great post!
    I love taking photos and Winter frustrates me to no end!

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