::inspiring Mondays::

(for Elke)
Last week, my dear friend Elke wrote to say she missed my inspiring Mondays. My heart was warm instantly, even before I realised how much I missed it too. That time in my week where I would focus on all the good in and around my life. That time of the week where time would stand still as I smiled at all the little things that made my life great, often seeing them for the first time. That time of the week where I would go against the trend and embrace the beginning of a new week with the same joy as the new year.
Life has been good around here. And life has been overwhelming and stressful too. As I struggled for time and found myself irritated and irritating, I also smiled and laughed more. Way more. As if I was just living more intensely… And I was. The good news are that things are settling now. The other good news is that my laughter is now lighter. The bad news is that I'm now obsessed with gardening and I know as much about it as most people know about quantum theory. Yep, not much at all!
:: good friends that remind you of the little things that make you happy.
:: having a garden and loving it. 
:: spring weather when it's still winter… Oh the joys of being a rebel!
:: fabric. I LOVE good fabric.
:: running. And having the best running buddy ever!
How was your start to the week? I hope filled with sunlight and smiles.


  1. ei! kumpel
    18 March 2014 / 14:42

    a jardinagem é mesmo viciante! e que vício tão bom!

  2. cococita
    18 March 2014 / 17:29

    Sweetie, you just made my day in one than more way! I was thinking of you when going through the magazine Flow after a rather difficult morning and noticing a little cute artistic elephant. Seeing that you are back with your ::inspring Mondays:: and your little snippets adds twinkle to these eyes. Besides, you and I are sitting on the same wavelength again as I am getting obsessed with and learning to embrace the process of gardening as well 🙂 Miss you! Much love and thank you so much for being the lovely lady you are!

  3. Mrs. D
    21 March 2014 / 12:12

    Good post. I dont have a lot of inspirational moments to share this week, but Ill keep on the lookout!

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