February goals

Starting February in Barcelona was a great choice! We had sunshine, quality time with dear friends and superb food.
Planning monthly goals when one is happy and surrounded by blue skies is such an easy task. Life is smiling at you and you know it. Inspiration just flows!
:: choose to accept these grey skies of ours and be happy.
:: start and finish a happy baby quilt for my god-daughter.
:: start and finish a mini baby tunic for my god-daughter.
As I look at this list thinking how small it looks, I realise how larger than itself it really is. It’s the little things… the little things that make life huge.

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  1. cococita
    18 February 2014 / 23:40

    I guess thats one of the (many) reasons we are friends: because we share this philosophy. I am wearing my Enjoy the little things shirt today and just bought some fabric. The same words are written on its package … Sweet dreams, dear lady, and praying for blue skies for the Joey, the whole year long and ahead!

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