::inspiring Mondays::

December mornings are quite possibly the hardest ones for me. I'll confirm in January, but at the moment leaving my duvet when it's dark outside is difficult, very difficult. I pat myself on the back everyday for this big achievement that is getting up. Go, Joey!

There's been a lot of talk in my circles about Christmas presents; we discuss where people are buying their presents from, going local, aiming for meaningful presents rather than just something, and so on. I have a few presents sorted and a few which aren't, but I don't mind and somehow don't feel rushed to get it sorted just yet. I'm making some of the presents and in all honesty, those are my favourite ones; things I've made which someone I care about will enjoy! As I think of this, I realise how lucky I am I can make things.

:: photography. I am so inspired by it and so grateful to have so many photographic records of my family and friends.
:: Flickr. I've been away from it and I'm now going back; it's truly inspiring to see others' photos and makes me want to push myself in photography.
:: sewing. I am doing a sewing course where we are learning to make trousers; My Grandma would be so proud!
:: knitting. handmade gifts, garments to wear, anything; it makes me so happy to be able to make things.

It's sunny. I love sunny winter days! How's your Monday been? Hope you're enjoy the season and the sunshine 🙂


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  1. cococita
    10 December 2013 / 11:52

    YAY! So happy to see that Inspiring Mondays is back: I have been missing this weekly treat. I am also a big fan of handmade gifts and wonder which sewing class you are taking: a live or an online one?Enjoy the beauty of life, dearest LMJ! I can sense your enthusiasm and your happiness as your words radiate these lovely feelings.

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