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May the force be with you...

If anyone has seen September, please send it my way as I missed it altogether. Blimey, this was a fast month. As I'm writing this post, I go through previous ones and it seems this whole year is flying by; that said, I'm pretty convinced I barely had a chance to blink and September was gone.

September was my last month at my favourite house in Oxford. My previous house (I have since moved out) was the cutest and most charming Victorian house, filled with period features that ranged from wonderfully tall sachet windows to white wood and glass kitchen cupboards. And let us not forget those heavy wooden doors… how I loved those doors. My room had the most beautiful golden light coming in and a charming white fireplace. I loved it, I absolutely loved it all.

September taught me to move on from things you love to embrace things you will love more. What a valuable lesson that was. I am now busy unpacking at our oh so very cute little cottage.. yep, Michael and I have moved in together.

I have kept calm, for the most part. I have been as calm as I could have hoped for and a bit more, in the face of boxes and more boxes and having far too much stuff and… well, growing up a little bit. I didn't run 15k. Things started off promising, but a cold threw me off track and not even my running buddy's best intentions helped. It's ok though… there's always October and November and so on, if I want to go anywhere near running a half marathon next Spring.

May the force be with you…


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