(Oxford) goodbyes

"I said goodbye to a dear friend this morning… There is no sweetness in the day that makes it better…" 

You think you've toughen up. You've done it all before and as most people will tell you, it becomes easier. I'm not a toughie when it comes to goodbyes; I give everything in relationships, there is no holding back and that makes parting that little bit harder… and wetter. I've moved around a few times and I got through it, sure, and I got through it pretty alright, but tears were shed.

When I moved to Oxford, things changed. Suddenly, I wasn't the one leaving. Oxford is such a transient place… So transient some would say is not for me, a nostalgic little Portuguese soul with her fado and saudade. And some would be, quite possibly, right. I remember the first of my very good friends to leave. And then the second. And then the third. I stopped counting. One more moved and my happiness for him and them softens the ache of yet another goodbye… but just a little bit.

Today, as Autumn settles back in and the long British winter looms in the not too distant future, I said one more goodbye. Phil touched my heart in so many ways, mainly because I never wanted him to. You see, sometimes when you've said enough goodbyes and you think you're done with it all, you shy away from temporary people; Oxford has plenty of them. This is not an official decision, it's just how it is. And sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, there will be people who get through your lack of interest and show you that temporary is really what you make it. Memories can last a lifetime; so can friendships.

Phil and Bec have added so much to my life and I've been so much happier these last couple of years for knowing them that I wouldn't have it any other way, no matter how many todays I had to go through.

P.S.  Dear friends reminded me earlier that technology is there to make our lives better. And they warmed my heart.


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  1. MissLilly
    28 September 2013 / 23:44

    ohh I know what you mean, some people really become part of us, even when we have to say goodbye. I prefer to say: see you later my friend. thanks to technology and well, the world is so small in so many ways 🙂

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