reasons if reasons were needed


I agree. I so agree. And, perhaps more importantly, I accept it.

At a time when time is ever so precious and we're all going from commitment to commitment with pit-stops at other time consuming tasks (like doing the laundry, cooking, exercising… hum… sleeping), keeping a blog – and dedicating time to it, of course – may seem, how shall I put, a waste of time. For a while, I thought about this and questioned whether my time was well spent here. I concluded it is!

On important matters such as this (and take this as the first clue that this space is important to me), I like to consult with Little brother. It's a conversation we've had a few times and he always tells me the same and you know what? I learned it now. I love writing and I love photographing and I love putting it together here. What better way to spend your time than doing things you love?

Enjoy your wasted time this week!



  1. MissLilly
    20 September 2013 / 21:05

    well I couldnt agree more. Like staying in bed and reading a book, listening to music and blogging. could be doing laundry or running outside, but I need time to do things I enjoy. we all do 🙂

  2. cococita
    21 September 2013 / 15:15

    Its the one of the keys to Happiness and your audience loves it!

  3. Dobbin
    22 September 2013 / 18:33

    Great quote – I will definitely remember this next time I feel guilty about having a lie-in…

  4. Little Miss Joey
    22 September 2013 / 21:25

    Exactly. We have to enjoy the things that make us happy and not guilt trip ourselves constantly 🙂

  5. Little Miss Joey
    22 September 2013 / 21:26

    Elke, you warm my heart every time you comment here!What a lovely thing to say… my audience… love you!

  6. Little Miss Joey
    22 September 2013 / 21:26

    When do you ever? Chill 🙂

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