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It rained here today. And there was thunder too. And a bit more rain, just in case we had forgotten all about it. Nothing like a good rainy Monday to get some blogging done and some curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea watching Big Bang Theory. If you can add a cat or two into the mix, even better!

I had an eventful weekend. I finished THE tunic and… it fits me. It really does. There are improvements to be made and lessons to be learned, but until I write that post I'll just enjoy this feeling that comes from having sewn a garment. It's a great AWESOME feeling, even if I can't quite explain why. It just is!

Nicky did a half-marathon, just a small (or not!) milestone in his path to a full marathon in October. There was a small fan club who got up at 5:30am on a Sunday to cheer him on (and sleep in the car or on the grass) and photograph the occasion. Currently, Nicky is the responsible person for all my recent achievements (which do not include a half-marathon yet) and it was good to see that pushing me along has not fully compromised his more serious training.

My baby cousin (almost nephew) turned one this Saturday. A full year of missing yet another person, however mini. And what an opportunity to realise how love is such an elastic thing and how distance matters very little in these things of the heart. It was also a fantastic chance for me to learn I'm becoming a softy; his father, my cousin, nearly brought me to tears over the phone just by saying my absence was sorely felt. I used to be tougher than this!

Almost forgot… inspiring today? All of the above. With a bit of sunshine. And the rain, the grass really needed it. I mean, this country is green for a reason!

Hope you're having a brilliant July and that this Monday is just one more of those fabulous days 🙂



  1. Dobbin
    29 July 2013 / 18:03

    The tunic rocks – I was not responsible in any way for that achievement 😉

  2. cococita
    29 July 2013 / 18:45

    You are not a softy dear LMJ, you are a woman and we -women- love in a very special and sensitive way, thats all! Congratulations to Nicky: such a brilliant achievement.Cant wait to see a photo of your creation: you are doing great in reaching your monthly goals, sweetie!Much lovemoi x

  3. JZ
    29 July 2013 / 19:58

    great pics in the woods.

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