::inspiring Mondays::

Sunset by the river

For the past three weeks, I have slept with the window open. This alone easily sums up my recent mood and overall state of bliss. Sunshine and warm weather makes everything look better. There’s something about the warm tones of summer that tickles us into happiness.

That said, I did make the most of the clouds that appeared this weekend by finally working on that tunic I so want to sew this month. I’ve patiently copied the pattern to pattern paper (so I wouldn’t cut the original) and then traced it again onto the fabric. I took the first of many deep breaths I see coming before cutting my precious flamingo fabric and I’m now staring at these pieces which already resemble a tunic (even if just in my head!).

:: good news from home
:: summer salads. Lots of them.
:: my tunic to be. Cute already!
:: grass beneath my bare feet.
:: my cycling commute.
:: summer. Of course, summer!
:: the smell of wet grass in light rain…

How was your Monday? Wishing you a lovely start to the week!


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  1. cococita
    25 July 2013 / 20:24

    Summer: now that my body seems to get used to the heatwave we are having, I am loving its charms.What makes me the most happy woman now is hearing that you got good news from home.Love!

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