Tired Tuesday



I am a nostalgic person. I’ve explained more about it here and what I do to not let that get in my way, but the truth is every so often I let myself go down the bittersweet road of nostalgia. Tired Tuesdays are particularly prone to my nostalgic episodes. Especially when accompanied by incredibly good pieces of writing, like this one. It’s in Portuguese and I’m not quite sure an auto-translator could do it justice!

In a nutshell, the writer tells us about his convoluted move to Brazil, leaving *his* Lisbon behind. Unlike me, he’s not nostalgic. Unlike me, he doesn’t look back and wonder about life back home. He made his home where he is now. Our life circumstances are quite different and I have a large family to whom I’m very attached to, but still. I admire his ability to let go, not to mention his beautiful writing.

So why I am boo today? Well, a nostalgic person can give you a very long list of reasons, but I’ll stick to two. It makes me boo to not be able to just let go. The funny thing is I know if I were to move back today, I would then have the reverse feeling for all I would be leaving behind… can’t win, really! And it makes me boo that I no longer write in Portuguese.

I started this blog much because of my friend Nicky. He wanted to be able to read what I  wrote and together we wanted to improve our photography. LMJ came of that and I’m so glad it did. My writing has evolved immensely since the first few posts and my photography has become a reflection of me. I’m happy here. However, sometimes I miss writing in Portuguese and it’s silly because I could just do it, but I don’t. I just miss it instead.

There’s a lot to be said for us, nostalgic types hey…!
I'll just have another sip of wine, for now.



  1. JZ
    18 June 2013 / 21:24

    Just dont move anywhere else either, otherwise its triple nostalgia! 😉

  2. cococita
    18 June 2013 / 23:15

    I share this feeling: even if I am not Portuguese and didnt move to another than my birth country this saudade sounds very familiar. We spent the weekend at the place where I have been living in the past, for about 11 years, and I took tons of photos and shared plenty of memories with Bocky. It helped a little bit, but even then: the past will never come back … Nevertheless, I rather like this nostalgic part of me as its part of the person who I am …

  3. cococita
    18 June 2013 / 23:16

    PS: my English is poor due to the tropical weather were having right now …

  4. Dobbin
    19 June 2013 / 21:45

    Restart the Portuguese blog!

  5. Naná
    20 June 2013 / 12:02

    Em bom português: tu estás onde deves estar! Se sentes falta de escrever em português então trata de matar essa saudade (por isso escrevi o comentário em português).E olha que eu sou uma tremenda nostálgica e compreendo as razões that make you boo 🙂

  6. MissLilly
    21 June 2013 / 14:42

    so por isso ate vou responder em Portugues (coisa q raramente faco nos dias de hje)tm me sinto nostalgica hoje, porque sinto saudades do dia 21 junho em que ia ver o por do sol na praia com os meus pais e comer gelado na praia. saudades… e penso, penso como seria voltar, embora saiba que para ja nao tem voltatal como tu, ha dias assim, cheios de nostalgia

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