the story of a war re-enactment

At the end of May, yours truly and Co. went to Blenheim Palace for a picnic and a live history lesson. These Sealed Knot people mean business! 
Although we were there for the war re-enactement, I was most impressed by the village setting they created and how they go about "living" in it. 
Blenheim. Always wow!
There's spinning. I loved it. and I was secretly upset I couldn't have a go. 
Note for improvement: let the Joeys of this world play with the spinning thing! Please, pretty please!
And cooking. Lots of cooking, all day long, as back in the day things took a tad bit more time.
It smelled beautifully and even though I had just had lunch, I could have had a bit more if offered. Which didn't happen. Maybe next time, hey?
See what I mean about cooking? And life happens around it too. Everyone is in on it, even the kids. The outfits were superb, really detailed and lived in.
Of course, not everyone is busy. Someone needs to do the "this is how they rested" bit. Well played!
War re-enactment here I come. The cannons are almost ready.
As are the troops.
And the horses. So beautiful!
Oh no, they're upon us. With spears. But wait, we have riffles!
Oops, these low-tech spears still work. And they mean business.
Oh bummer, the cannons are at it!
Not everyone seemed particularly fussed by the troops. Maybe this is just play… hum…!
We had a commentator. That was cool!
It was a good thing we had that commentator. He was quite a bit more thorough than me and did a fine job of explaining who was who and what was happening. Unlike me above, but you get the gist. It was sunny, I had fun.


  1. MissLilly
    16 June 2013 / 12:49

    I love that!! Last year I went as well to the war and peace re-enactment and it was pretty cool. love your photos 🙂

  2. Eva Linda
    16 June 2013 / 18:30

    Oh! Q bonito! Seguro q Pepe disfrutaría un montón allí 😉

  3. Eva Linda
    16 June 2013 / 18:30

    Oh! Q bonito! Seguro q Pepe disfrutaría un montón allí 😉

  4. ei! kumpel
    17 June 2013 / 15:33

    mas que giro e interessante! e o tempo também ajudou 🙂

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