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The middle of June is upon us and much as this Monday, I didn't really see it coming. I'm sure this is what getting old means – a complete unawareness of the passing of time. Could be worst, really! Or maybe I was just too busy this weekend enjoying punting and BBQ-ing to notice.

:: BBQs. I love them!
:: punting!
:: Pimms in a punt. with strawberries dipped in chocolate. brilliant!
:: June. and a glimpse of summer. or how spring came late!
:: lazy Sundays knitting and watching Game of Thrones (just starting…) and other films.
:: cycling cross country from work. so nice!
:: freshly washed bedlinen (I'm pretty sure this is a repeat, but it's sooo good!)

Have a lovely early-to-mid-June Monday evening 🙂


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  1. Dobbin
    10 June 2013 / 21:47

    Thank you LMJ for once again brightening our Mondays! Punting is great fun even if you spend most of the time going round in circles and veering from one riverbank to the other.

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