house sitting


I really enjoy house sitting. More often than not, I do it for friends with pets, but on this occasion I’m just house sitting plants. And myself. And Michael.

As the days go by, I’ve learned to know and love this cute little cottage style house we’re in. We wake up to trees and absolute silence and there’s such a feeling of peace we can’t help but smile at it.

I believe in entering a place and knowing if you could live there. That’s the base for all my house decisions. A simple yes or no which can get slightly more complicated when I try to apply logic to it. Pointless exercise, considering I know since the minute I go in if I can or cannot live there, but useful when you have to jug location and rent and heating types and a bunch of other boring but important factors in. And the more I move around and house sit and see places, the more I know I just know.


In these stressful days of house hunting, this house sitting has given me peace of mind and a growing knowledge of what I want in a house. Lovely and useful, my favourite!



  1. MissLilly
    19 May 2013 / 12:34

    awww such a relaxing place :)I just miss the sunlight from your windows. Im already getting really moody due to this grey days and my plants are all dead in the meantime :(Wish you a great lazy sunday afternoon

  2. Little Miss Joey
    19 May 2013 / 12:36

    Its absolutely lovely here :)We got lucky last week and had some sunshine with lots of rain. We urgently need a proper Spring, really!!xx

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