it’s auntie time

Brigadeiros by my aunt
My aunts were in town and it was brilliant. We chatted and we did all the usual touristy things one
does in Oxford. We had long dinners at cool places and we explored the pubs the best we could. We
had lots of fun and we giggled and reminisced over things past. Most of all, we became even closer
as family and as friends. It was truly amazing to be able to share so much with them and open up and really enjoy their company. There is such a warm feeling about close extended feeling, and a certainty that you can never be alone. Ever.
I showed them my Project Life album and as photo lovers they really liked it. I’m proud of it and
I’m so happy I’m doing it, but so far I hadn’t realised what a great sharing tool it can be. I told
them the stories around the photos and how they came to be the chosen ones and they’ve gained a
different insight into my life here, which we so rarely cover when I’m there.
I made bread for them. Aww… you shouldn’t have, they tell me as they take a full grocery shop for
me from their suitcases!
I prepared a little snack pack for them to take on their trip to London. Aww… you’re so sweet, you
shouldn’t have, they tell me as they slice the Folar de Valpaços for my lunch that day.
I guess I know just after who I take after 😉
I miss them already!

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  1. cococita
    29 April 2013 / 18:34

    Lovely to read that you had such a great time. I know what you mean by family-friends, as one of my cousins is one of my dearest friends (as you know ;)). I think I know what Inspiring Mondays will be all about 😉 Really hope the Portuguese warmth made the cold feeling of English spring a bit more bearable.

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