Life without internet

First cider in the pub garden
For the past seven days, yours truly had no internet connection at home. This wasn't a personal choice to go back to basics and enjoy an internet-free life, instead it was a punishment inflicted on our household by our broadband provider, Talktalk (which I would definitely NOT recommend to anyone).  
Self-inflicted or not, the end result was the same so I thought I'd write a little bit on this alien thing to us blog readers and writers which is life without internet.
As a scientific experiment, mine fails from the onset as I have internet access on my phone. It's not the same as on a laptop, especially when you don't have unlimited data, but it's quite something. With this in mind, let us move on.
For the first few days, there is something almost liberating about not having internet access. Of course you are not going to blog frequently, nor reply to all those facebook messages and emails you've been getting, nor manage to comment on everyone's posts or kindly acknowledge their comments to you. For those few days, it feels like you're on holiday and it's ok. The backlog is manageable and you spend your free evenings doing other things. You edit photos and catch up on Project Life. You knit. You bake. You finish that book that you'd been reading since February. How cool is all that? Very. 
The bit that is not so fun is that you miss out on skype talks with your boyfriend and your girlfriends. You miss out on your blog readings, which you enjoy so much. You miss out on reading the news first thing in the morning while still in bed. By the seventh day, when you're fed up and have turned into a monster, more because you don't see the end to this than anything else, it comes back. It's all ok again. So what do you do to celebrate? You go out to the pub because it's sunny and one must absorb as much sunshine as possible 🙂


  1. MissLilly
    21 April 2013 / 12:52

    Its an important experiment actually, especially for me that Im addicted to the internet… well to my pc to be honest for more than 10 years. actually its almost 20 years by now. As any addiction it needs to be cut once in a while so we can enjoy simple things we forget to value :)enjoy your weekend

  2. cococita
    23 April 2013 / 10:52

    Hihi, your plot made me smile :)Bisou from the warm south of France: wish you were here with me …

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