my new RSS reader is…


I miss my Google Reader. I do. But the world did not end and I can still read the blogs I love, reliably and simply. In the grand scheme of things (how I love perspective these days!), all is well.

I have tried other services, one as a direct recommendation from MissLilly and two others from a google search, but Feedly won it for me. I could write a fair bit on the pros and cons of each service, but 1. I want to focus on why I like Feedly the best, 2. in these things, a lot of it is "because I liked it best" and not necessarily a result of in-depth analysis and scoring.
So… What do I like about Feedly?
:: it's simple.
:: simple, fast and seamless import of all the blogs I read from google reader.
:: visually appealing (even if I would prefer it one step simpler)
:: excellent iPhone app!
:: sharing buttons.


  1. Maï Tomasena
    4 April 2013 / 18:47

    Y tanto que es sencillo, me gusta muchísimo!!!Un beso grande!

  2. Little Miss Joey
    6 April 2013 / 23:14

    Que bueno que te gusta, Mai :)Yo estoy muy contenta con Feedly!Besos!

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