change :: March update

Douro river in Porto last October
March was as kind as I could have hoped for. Things went well. In the grand scheme of things, life is good and there's so much to appreciate and enjoy. Little things and big things.
I lost sight of my running goals for March. Real life, that mild nuisance got in the way and running was paused for two weeks. I'm ok with it which is the best part. I've accepted that some things are how they are and that's that, moving on.
I was positive. I embraced most colours (sorry pink, you weren't included this time around). I finished the design of a new creation, just. And then I did a bunch of other things that weren't goals but made March fulfilling. I photographed more and more and I picked up my big camera again. I worked on my project life pages. I wrote here, more and more. 
March was also about hoping for what's around the river bend, even when you can't see past it. 


  1. cococita
    31 March 2013 / 17:16

    That fabric looks adorable. Please show us the result.Warm hug from the bright blue and sunny south of France x

  2. Little Miss Joey
    3 April 2013 / 13:32

    Ill send you an email with a bad photo, for now. Ill then photograph it properly 🙂

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