::inspiring Mondays::

I woke up restored. Ready for the new week, grabbing my "be positive" goal for March and hugging it even before I left bed. Yes, it's cold outside and my face will be wind slapped several times when I leave the house, but right now it feels amazing under this duvet and I'm rested (what a feeling!) and ready for a short week. 
:: the digital world which allowed Dad to email me photos of Mum 
:: sleeping.
:: morning walks!
:: oven roasted sea bream. simple and yummy.
:: knitting. I love it more and more.
:: my hot water bottle. so comfy!
:: a Spa day to look forward to. oh yeah!
How was your Monday? Did you sleep all you wanted this weekend? Wishing you a lovely week…




  1. MissLilly
    25 March 2013 / 22:10

    I needed to sleep a bit longer this weekend, and I was working again on Sunday… the weather was miserable and cold.but today it wasnt that bad:* didnt had to travel* had dinner together with him* strawberry with chocolates for dinner desert 😀

  2. Plasma Engineer
    25 March 2013 / 23:40

    My Monday was enriched by lunch with LMJ. 🙂

  3. Little Miss Joey
    26 March 2013 / 06:32

    The weather has definitely been the greatest advocate of an indoor lifestyle! Sounds like a lovely Monday… Strawberries rule 🙂

  4. Little Miss Joey
    26 March 2013 / 06:33

    😀 I have a warmed heart!! Thank you! It was my pleasure 🙂

  5. ei! kumpel
    26 March 2013 / 10:36

    Longe vão os tempos em que dormia o que queria ou precisava… ;)Continuamos gelados por estas bandas… preciso de sol! ao menos sol!!

  6. Little Miss Joey
    28 March 2013 / 07:33

    A tua impossibilidade de dormir o que queres dá-me alguma perspectiva :)Sol! Sim!!!!!

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