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I love Project Life.
I love writing. I love photography. And I love documenting life. It made sense I combined all of this into a project – Project Life. 
For the last few weeks, I have been selecting photos which best tell the story of my week, printing them, arranging them in the pockets and writing my thoughts about what's been happening. I'm loving it! And what a great feeling it is to look back through the weeks and see it all there. Amazing! My favourite spreads so far are Mum and Dad's birthdays, in February and January.
I'm still trying to work out my system for doing this. So far, it's free style; whenever whatever & smile! I've spent far too much time on pinterest soaking up inspiration, I've drooled over a number of supplies until I settled for a number of absolute favourites, and then I found my style. It's mine and it works for me. It's simple and it works for me. I love it and it works for me.
I have been hummimg and hawing about sharing my project life pages here. Ultimately, project life is a personal thing which has photos of my family and friends, as well as random thoughts on my days and how I feel about things that happen to me. Do I want to show all of that? In addition, sharing the weekly spreads involves completing them to a time frame and photographing them as well (which kinda equals pressure!). As much as I love reading about it on other blogs, I'm still not sure of an approach which would work for me. 
While I decide on that, I'm sharing my album title page. It's a work in progress and I plan to change the top left yellow card with my favourite photo of myself taken by June this year. I will then place a flair button with my one little word for 2013, change on top of that photo (from here). Can't wait! The main photo is Porto this January. True love! True blue skies!
Do you do any documenting of any sort? Would you like to read more about what I do and how I do it? Let me know 🙂

Project Life is a product and documenting system created by Becky Higgins which is designed to make memory-keeping effortless and simple.

Supplies for the title page: Seafoam core kit, design A page protectors, Project life binder Cherry, corner punch. I print my photos at home, on a Canon Pixma iP4950 using original Canon ink. I use gloss photo paper of different brands but always heavy (at the moment I'm using HP 250g); I prefer gloss paper as the colours are much more vibrant. Ormolu's flair button.



  1. MissLilly
    23 March 2013 / 16:28

    I love your first page! I never thought about doing such a book, my sister offered me a book with some photos and moments between the two of us and I really like maybe its something Ill kick off this year. I love the idea, I really do

  2. Little Miss Joey
    24 March 2013 / 15:52

    Thank you!!This is a great project, you could start with something small similar to what your sister did. From that, you can see what works for you and what doesnt and go from there! Looking forward to having company on this 🙂

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