::inspiring Mondays::

Windows to the river Douro
I'm finding it hard to see how I could enjoy today, not because it's Monday but because after being home in Portugal for five days I miss it too much and I'm home-over. In case you are wondering, a home-over is very similar to a hangover but instead of a headache you have heartache.
To inspire myself I think about the last few days and go through my memories selecting only the heart warming moments. Today I shall not think about any not good news. In three minutes I'm filled with strength and happiness. Ta mucho for the exercise, inspiring Mondays!
:: my family. How good it is to be part of a unit.
:: my Father. For being the rock that he is for us all.
:: my Mother. For being there.
:: my Brother. For being the optimist which carries us all.
:: my extended family. So much more than backup.
:: my little 7 year old cousin giving me the tightest hugs ever. All the time.
Memories. When all else fails, we have memories. And that's how my blue day changed into an inspiring Monday.
Hope you're having a lovely start to the week, memory sponsored or otherwise.


  1. cococita
    4 March 2013 / 18:57

    Hug to you and wishing you the warm feeling of home forever!

  2. MissLilly
    4 March 2013 / 20:15

    and to help out we had such a gorgeous sunlight today, it was really inspiring. Its amazing how these little things affects us so much.And yes, sometimes the memories of what we hold dear, and the countdown until we can be all together again creating new memories 🙂

  3. Dobbin
    4 March 2013 / 21:11

    Hang on in there Joey.

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