::inspiring Mondays::

Although my one little word for the year is change, some days the best thing is to be able to say everything is just the same. Same same, but different, sort of speak. This Monday, what inspires me are precisely the things we take for granted but that can change so suddenly one is left longing for that time when things were just so. 
Last Thursday, Mum had surgery. This Monday, Mum is recovering well and we speak on the phone and hearing her chat about life in general with her usual level of detail is the best thing I could hope for.  As I listen to a few of the irrelevant things we talk about, I realise how much I love it, how fortunate I am that I can have those conversations. I will be honest, there were days before now when I'd say I didn't have the time for such frivolous topics. The me of today slaps that younger me and smiles. I make the time now, for there may be days when no matter how much time I make there will be no one there to make it for!
:: technology ♥ allowing me to speak with the parents all the time
:: the post office ♥ Mum loved the photos of us to keep with her
:: running ♥ how it clears my head
:: bright blue skies, oh yeah!
:: longer days, I love you!
:: Little Brother sending me photos for my Project Life album.
:: getting older. 
It was a beautiful day in Oxford, a clear crisp blue skied Monday. What a day to feel inspired! 
Hope you had an amazing day. Or a good day. Or a day that shows you a bright silver lining.

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  1. MissLilly
    18 February 2013 / 19:57

    ohh Im so glad to ear your Mum is doing great!!! And I feel exactly the same way as you, Im becoming quite nostalgic because I know that the silly phone calls we still have, one day will no longer be there, so I take the time to enjoy it, and to laugh because they will be my dearest memories.Its always important to value those little things like the sunshine day we had yesterday (and last minute I went to Oxford myself!!! It was too short because weve parked the car in a place where we can only stay for 2h. Can hardly wait to go back). Or moments like the sunset today, it was so beautiful and a bit of light still. Spring is coming, and just for that Im happy.Wish you a great week ahead, full of sunny moments 🙂

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