::inspiring Mondays::

Snowy morning ♥ 
I had a lovely and relaxing weekend, with two runs, bread making, photography, writing and chatting. When Monday came, I was ready. Yes, waking up was difficult. Yes, the sound of walking in the snow made my bed even comfier, but… I was rested, happy and ready.
This is a week that has to happen and the only way to get through it is to wake up each day and live it. Monday included.
:: the project with Little Brother
:: Sunday phone calls = warm heart
:: a little post treat on its way home.
:: a new bread. more on this to follow this week.
:: my stamp ♥ Thank you E.
:: running and running.
:: longer days. oh how I love these longer days.
:: yummy lemon bars by Nicky. gotta love yellow!
:: chocolate cake in a tupperware.
:: lists. there's just something about lists!
How was your Monday? What sort of week are you expecting this one to be?


  1. cococita
    11 February 2013 / 23:21

    Wow, Oxford looks like a fairytale: such a beautiful photo. Love the peaceful atmosphere. Just like you, I am happy that the days are getting longer as I am really longing for warmer seasons now. Lets hope spring and summer will bring plenty of sunshine!Good luck with your project: my fingers are crossed for both of you, LMJ and LMJ Little Brother :)Wishing you a delightful week ahead!And yes, the stamp is beautifully made by wide eyed tree …

  2. ei! kumpel
    12 February 2013 / 14:52

    adoro estes posts de segunda-feira! e o teu carimbo é uma delícia!

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