Running three times a week :: first thoughts

I'm loving it! 
I'm so happy I finally got back to running, in spite of the lingering winter. It's great to be outside and push myself. The simplest and shortest routes are still a struggle, it's been a while, but it's so much fun. 
That said, the thing with running for me is that after I do it I can't quite work out why I don't always just do it. However, sometimes I just won't do it. In fact, most of December and January are perfect examples of that. The hope is that repetition will improve my memory and I will always just remember how amazing running feels from the moment I step outside the door.
Notes on this week :: three runs -yay!; two solo one with company; one with a headache, one in the snow, one in the rain – eventful!
Balance :: extremely positive!
In case you're wondering, I am not a runner. I am a person who goes out and runs. All my February runs were under 30 minutes covering 3.5 km per run. To me it's about doing it! And I love my friends for reminding me of this when I get frustrated.


  1. Dobbin
    10 February 2013 / 22:00

    Youre doing well Joey, and enjoying it is the most important thing. Running in the snow is quite a memorable experience!

  2. cococita
    11 February 2013 / 11:41

    YAY for your bravery!

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