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She's like the wind...
I'm back to running. I put my shoes on and off I went. I was so excited about it that I woke up at 6:30 on a Sunday! Without the alarm. Oh yeah! I was never a runner and then I started running and while I'm still not a runner, I'm a person who loves it! 
I used to have red shoes which made my heart sing a happy song every time I looked down; unfortunately when the time came to replace them, no red ones were available. With running, I am a believer that function HAS to come ahead of pretty, so… My heart may not sing with the colour of the new shoes, but it sure sings happy tunes from knowing my feet and my whole body are so well supported.

:: running 
:: this space. how it warms my heart to write here!
:: february bringing longer days and Mum's birthday.
:: knitting.
:: stamps. I have a new found love for stamps!
:: working on my Project Life album and having such great fun.
:: brunch with good friends.
:: embracing my photography!

How was your Monday? Hopefully sunny and happy! Have a great week!



  1. cococita
    4 February 2013 / 19:32

    You couldnt imagine how happy I am that you took up this ritual of writing your Inspiring Mondays.Together with you, I am enjoying the days getting longer … Would love to see some glimpses of the space where you wrote your blog today: in your studio? 🙂 Wondering what kind of stamps you mean: the ones that one puts on a letter or the ones that are a new addiction of mine? ;)Have a lovely week ahead: with plenty of time for doing the things you really like in this life.xxx

  2. Little Miss Joey
    4 February 2013 / 19:41

    Im ever so happy Im doing it as well! Thank you for reading and always leaving such sweet comments!My studio is merely in my head :)For the time being anyway!My room is lovely but is now asking me to adjust it to this new *love* of mine – project life. Things are settling a bit for now and so I should have had my space sorted to accommodate all my *loves* in the not too distant future.Stamps as in your new addiction. And mine! Since you gave me an LMJ stamp, Ive fallen in love with all sorts of stamps, which go beautifully with my project life pages :DEnjoy your week too, sweetie, with your M.

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