It’s Wednesday (not Monday) and I don’t feel inspired. To be honest, I feel quite boo. However, I don’t feel as boo as I could feel, really. The more I think about it, the more I realise that while it’s not great Michael is now in a hot country far far away, the core thing is we have each other and we’re working on changing that Summer/Winter minor difference we have going on (some people would just call it distance, but that’s boring). Once I let that sink in, I am open to realising another thing: I am one lucky girl! I’m made of pure people luck.

Yesterday was not my finest day. I was sad and quiet and trying really hard to get on with things. For that, I had a little help from my friends.

:: mini brownies. Home baked. In a cute wrapping with a ribbon. I cannot explain how this lovely gift and gesture touched my day. Not only did it make it happy inside, but I got to stuff myself with these little pieces of heaven every time I felt a bit more boo. Thank you!
:: hugs and sweetness all around the office. I needed it!
:: running. Faster than I normally run. Tiring me out for the evening!
:: dinner and lemon curd maccaroons. With wine. And good chats. Delaying going home for as long as possible!


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  1. MissLilly
    19 December 2012 / 15:05

    awww its so important to have good friends by our side, it makes life so much easier, specially when we miss the ones we love :)Hope you feel a bit happier by now.Wish you a great Christmas 🙂

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