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LMrJ is in Oxford and has been for the last 14 days. He’s staying until the 18th, a date too far away for me to think about, but so soon I can already see it. For now though, I’m putting that to the back of my mind and I’m enjoying the ‘normal’ life we get to have.
Having a long distance relationship is hard. I thought about ways of writing this sentence in an LMJ way, but couldn’t. I couldn’t because I didn’t want to. As well as being silly, LMJ is honest (some would say blunt) and prefers to deal with reality rather than a well-dressed version of it. Long distance relationships are hard and mine is no different.
I am grateful for skype and my iPhone and mobile phones in general. And the post office for the special treats. I am grateful that we both live in countries where wireless internet is as common as electricity. I am grateful for the time difference we have that makes our life styles fit in to it just perfectly (all things considered!). But…
There’s nothing like a warm neck to heat up your freezing nose on in these cold winter days. Especially when you’re allowed to ‘steal’ its warmth. Nothing compares to the gentle touch of soft lips or a foot massage when you’re tired; or everyday, preferably! There’s no replacement for the chats you can have in person… or the silences. I love the peaceful shared silence as much as I love the talking. And let’s not even mention eating ice cream together; pure heaven!
So when people ask me what amazing things I have been doing with LMrJ I say “the ‘normal’ things”. Aren’t they amazing? I think people often forget how ordinary life is the most important bit of life. Treats are great, holidays are fabulous, special dates are brilliant, but I’m afraid we’re stuck with ordinary for the most of it and we don’t even realise how truly good that can be. Or should be.
For me, in a long distance relatiosnhip, the most amazing thing that happens everyday since having LMrJ around is waking up next to him. So simple and yet so wonderful. But there are other amazing things. Stealing his warmth (I’m cold all the time, like a little lizzard!). Deciding what’s for dinner. Doing the laundry. Watching a film under a blanket, with ice cream! Popping to tesco’s to get milk. Watching Big Bang Theory and hearing him laugh. Talking at breakfast. Having breakfast with him every single day, actually. Calling dibs for the shower…. and winning almost always!
My amazing things are all the simple things. And you know what? I love it!
P.S. – I may have to write a post on my take on long distance relationships when LMrJ is not around
anymore. But not now. Now I want to pretend he’s here forever.


  1. cococita
    7 December 2012 / 18:49

    As always, you make me smile. And this time more than ever. Why?°As you mention all the things that make my relationship with Bocky so special: sharing the ordinary things and realizing how extraordinary it is to have someone you love so much that you want to share all these little snippets with himand °Because its heartwarming to know that you, LMrJ and LMJ, are just happy together. Enjoy these little delights of life and may there be many many more for both of you!xxx PS: counting the days now 🙂

  2. MissLilly
    7 December 2012 / 21:16

    ahhh its not an easy one! Enjoy every single moment the way you can! Im so grateful to internet too, it makes the distance more bearable, we can still see each other and listen to each others voices. but nothing can ever replace those precious moments when we are together, when we can touch and play with each other. Happiness is the sum of all those special little moments we have together.Im in countdown mode for Monday when he finally returns home! Enjoy it for me my dear 🙂

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