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Hello Yellow
Yay for Monday! Or any day not covered in mini polystyrene balls, like… this Monday. I’m having mixed feelings about my Sunday, but the flipside is that Monday feels even better. Yesterday was quite productive, when I think about it, and that’s nice, but then… there was this bit of seeing one’s floor covered in mini polystyrene balls and having them everywhere, shoes, bags, yourself, everywhere, that somehow casts a small shadow on the day’s quality…
The good things? I have sewn yet another puff, and an inner bag for it; there was strawberry cheesecake Haagen Dazs patting me on the back and in the tummy for such achievement; homemade soup is ready for the week; banana + ice cream + chocolate pancakes for Sunday brunch rock; I now have a mental plan for the handling of polystyrene balls in the future; and I have ridiculously funny story of how it all went wrong! I guess the good things top it all. I’m going with that anyway!
:: Little Brother and I swapping breakfast photos and thoughts. It warms my heart every.single.time.
:: testing new puff pattern = new puff to the collection.
:: the hoover. what an amazing mini polystyrene balls nemesis.
:: LMrJ and his patience when LMJ goes into a little fit at the sight of mini balls everywhere. and then makes her laugh at her own silliness!
:: Sunday brunch. genius concept.
:: the smell of freshly made soup.
:: yummy homemade pumpkin jam for Cocina Global and Joey’s belly!
:: pumpkin jam on warm homemade bread. delicious!
:: big sachet windows in my bedroom.
:: my hot water bottle. bedtime is so much cosier!
:: the little guy from the photo above. squeeze!
It’s been drizzly in Oxford and mostly grey. It’s not cold though, and the wonderful deep yellow and orange leaves brighten up an otherwise dull skyline. How’s your Autumn coming along? And your beginning of the week? I’m feeling like having a few of these later… or right now as they're coming out of the oven!


  1. Michael Maia
    22 October 2012 / 21:41

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  2. Michael Maia
    22 October 2012 / 21:41

    Yes, it is an Inspiring Monday for me. Now, its Summer Time in Brazil (at least for almost all locations). Now, we have sunlight untill 19h30min. Now, I have one hour less of difference from LMJ.:)

  3. Maï Tomasena
    23 October 2012 / 06:57

    Qué inspirador, me gusta mucho lo que haces te estoy imaginando esperando para comerte ese helado de Cheesecake “mi favorito”, qué de recetas con calabazas y este domingo también he probado el concepto Sunday Brunch con el club handmade Bilbao ¡enorme! Besos grandes!!!

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