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Autumn feet
I woke up to a pitch black morning today. From dark blue on Friday to pitch black on Monday… eek! By the time I left the house, "normal" levels of light had been achieved, but we're approaching the "leave the house in the dark, return home in the dark" time of year at fast speed. At very fast speed.
To make the most of the season and forget the cold, LMJ & Co went to Stowe Gardens this weekend to photograph the Autumn. Yes, it is still early for the full autumnal colour show, but any excuse will do to photograph a beautiful estate garden. Any excuse… and cream tea at the end, of course!
:: team work with Little Brother.
:: pattern testing. especially when it works at the first attempt.
:: sewing. all day. with these!
:: Autumn photography.
:: housemate dinner. so lovely!
:: collaborating on Cocina Global with Eva Linda. it's so inspiring!
:: satisfied customers of two cute dolls! Yay!
:: morning coffee!


It rained a little today. Just enough so we know who's in charge! How was your start to the week? I'd hope happy, in spite of the morning darkness and the gentle drizzle!


  1. cococita
    15 October 2012 / 22:22

    You go busy bee LMJ!Today was a busy day for me too and I like this feeling! Doing the things that I love and working on my health improvement at the same time … Little miracles are happening, step by step, day by day!Chapeau on your project with Eva: its so lovely to see all the recipes together on your food blog in the recipes section. It looks like a little book already. Maybe you have to think of publishing them in a year or something, as I think there would be a lot of interested people …Good luck with your sewing and dont forget to get some rest in between all this action :)Hug and sweet dreams sweetie! xxx

  2. vivaciousmel
    16 October 2012 / 11:10

    Love the new banner sweetie! Very you and cute. Mxxx

  3. Little Miss Joey
    17 October 2012 / 17:20

    @cococita: MOndays are good like that, I find. You can start over :)Oh Eva will love that idea for the blog. Shes so good to work with and I feel really inspired to keep going! And eat… but thats another story :PBig hug hon xx@vivaciousmel: 😀 thanks sweetie! x

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