Hello cold


How are you today, Mr Cold? All good with you? Not that you're asking, but I'm slightly annoyed you've decided to visit so early! And in particular, that you arrived before I had time to buy (decent) gloves for my cycle! I'd suggest you go for tea and cake far, far away and come back next week; I'll be ready then!



  1. giselemorgan
    19 September 2012 / 10:50

    hehe 🙂 it is getting cold in the evenings. Ill be flying to 35 degrees next month though and will miss half of the english winter 🙂

  2. Little Miss Joey
    19 September 2012 / 20:29

    @giselemorgan: you lucky lady 🙂 enjoy your trip to the sun and warmth!! Cant wait for the photos youll bring :)xx

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