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Radcliffe and St Mary's Tower... a love story!
Monday. Yet another Monday. I wake up less tired than I will be by the end of the week, so I guess Mondays are good like that; you're as fresh as you'll ever be for that week! The room felt chilly but the hot shower made up for it. Inventor of hot showers, LMJ sends you her love!
Autumn is arriving to the UK and I like it. Autumn is such a beautiful season, with its warm colours and Sunday afternoons filled with tea and cake, that the thought is enough to make this Joey happy. Autumn is also a time of new beginnings! Since the schools days, or 18 years of my life, Autumn was when it all began again and the feeling stuck. And how not to like new beginnings? The promise, the little nervousness about the unexpected, but ultimately the excitement of starting afresh and moving on. Yep, let it shine through on LMJ!
:: lovely girly Saturday around London.
:: walking in and around Kensington Palace. wonderful!
:: randomly finding Muriel's Kitchen and its ever so yummy food, in such a cosy atmosphere!
:: Peggy Porschen tea room and its divine red velvet cake!, in a beautifully set tea room.
:: Little Brother's random texts and pictures of his day.
:: Whatsapp. Get it! Now!
:: plant hospital. and one happier peace lily willing to have a life rather than fight for one constantly.
:: sleep. a good 10 hour straight happy sleep.
:: a much needed massage.
:: projects. prioritising projects and working out how to get things done.
:: indian takeaway on a cold evening.
:: running after work. feels soooooo good!
This was also an epiphany Monday… but more on that on another day 🙂
Hope you had a lovely day and a wonderful beginning to the week.


  1. Dobbin
    17 September 2012 / 22:52

    Epiphany…intriguing LMJ, intriguing!

  2. JZ
    18 September 2012 / 17:03

    deciding to by a reclining chair?

  3. Little Miss Joey
    19 September 2012 / 20:31

    @Dobbin: 🙂 all shall be revealed soon!@JZ: nope 😛 I could cause chaos with one of those 😛

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